Definition of mud dauber in US English:

mud dauber


  • A solitary wasp that builds a mud nest that typically consists of a series of tube-shaped cells on an exposed surface.

    Several genera in the family Sphecidae

    • ‘Note: this is not mud dauber nesting material, but hornet nest.’
    • ‘These mud dauber wasps were gathering mud balls from my leaking sprinkler so I filmed them doing it.’
    • ‘Her fly patterns are intricate, exacting, and hold the subtle variances of nature usually reserved for spider webs, mud dauber nests, and snowflakes.’
    • ‘The mud dauber wasp is named for the way the females construct nests from bits of mud.’
    • ‘The inorganic material can consist of clay nests of mud from insects (mud daubers) or birds (swallows).’