Definition of mucronate in US English:



Botany Zoology
  • Ending abruptly in a short sharp point or mucro.

    • ‘The strongly transverse mucronate outline was one of the major criteria used by Crickmay to erect Regelia.’
    • ‘All have reduced to lacking mucronate extensions, and a sinal median rib and/or a flattened to depressed fold, unlike our species.’
    • ‘As discussed above, Carter retained Spirifer to include these species having a transversely subtrigonal to subsemicircular outline and alate, mucronate, or angular cardinal extremities in all growth stages.’
    • ‘Zuckia and Grayia are further grouped by the perennial habit, the unique occurrence of sub-bladder type trichomes, conspicuous axillary buds, mucronate leaf apices, circular seeds, and exfoliating branches.’


Late 18th century: from Latin mucronatus, from mucro, mucron- ‘point’.