Definition of muck something up in US English:

muck something up

phrasal verb

  • Do something badly or ineptly; mishandle something.

    ‘she had mucked up her first few weeks at college’
    • ‘If I do I'd better not muck it up or I won't get another chance.’
    • ‘Knowing them, I have a feeling they'll manage to muck it up somehow.’
    • ‘I'm born and bred in Coatbridge and I live here, so there's no hiding place for me if I muck it up.’
    • ‘But no, they insist on mucking it up by deciding for themselves.’
    • ‘It is one thing to have the US government mucking things up overseas.’
    • ‘Much Ado About Nothing tells the tale of two relationships and the meddling do-gooders who muck them up.’
    • ‘If anything, they've gotten a bit crafty with the songwriting, without mucking it up by trying to reinvent the wheel.’
    • ‘So unless I muck things up incredibly, I should be okay moneywise for the next few decades or so.’
    • ‘I guess we have to wait for the mainstream media to muck things up this badly.’
    • ‘One of the hardest things we ever have to learn is that you can't lead other people's lives for them, however intent they seem on mucking them up.’
    • ‘You wouldn't want someone to come in just about when we're almost finished and muck it up.’
    • ‘Well, the New Zealand corporates are trying at least, but they do seem to muck things up when it comes to helping out local acts.’
    • ‘Being more than friends just totally mucks things up.’
    • ‘I get scared that I shall muck something up badly, so I tend not to volunteer for things.’
    • ‘It made her realise that what's important in a recording is to show your creative side ‘because you do have a second chance if you muck something up.’’
    • ‘That won't be the best of all possible outcomes but it's better than if the Liberals get another chance at mucking things up.’
    • ‘Maybe it's the girls who have mucked things up in this case.’
    • ‘But when the blueprint demands mediocrity, why bother mucking it up with excellence?’
    • ‘When I was a kid, of course, I drew in them, ripped pages and covers, and generally mucked them up, but by the time I was in university I kept all my books in perfect shape.’
    • ‘‘I'll tell you what happened before Agent Miller mucks the whole story up,’ Loki said with a cold glance at Miller.’
    make a mess of, mess up, botch, bungle, spoil, ruin, wreck, mishandle, mismanage
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