Definition of MSc in US English:



  • Master of Science.

    ‘an MSc in Information Technology’
    ‘MSc theses’
    • ‘Last November, he was presented with a special Alumni Achievement Award from University College Cork where he studied for two degrees, a BSc and an MSc.’
    • ‘Last week I handed in my last assignment for my MSc.’
    • ‘Plenty of water, comfort food and self-pity were the order of the day, even though I should have been completing an assignment for my MSc.’
    • ‘The bulk of this is for fees and maintenance of students wanting to pursue an MSc in either engineering or the physical sciences.’
    • ‘Li comes in with the degree certificate she's just received for her Master's, and we realise this is the first MSc we have in the family.’
    • ‘In 2000 she obtained an MSc in Drugs and Alcohol Policy in Trinity College.’
    • ‘I'm in the first year of an MSc in the Science and Medicine of Athletic Performance.’
    • ‘He has a PhD in molecular biology from Auckland University, which he gained after getting a BSc and an MSc in Russia during Mikhail Gorbachev's era.’
    • ‘I say all this, having survived an MSc in Physics.’
    • ‘Gill started her career as a social worker, completing her professional training at Oxford University with an MSc in Applied Social Studies.’
    • ‘This may be enhanced by a postgraduate qualification such as an MSc in forensic science from Strathclyde University or Kings College, London.’
    • ‘Maria, who is a service director for Bury Primary Care Trust's children's services, graduated with an MSc in collaborative health.’
    • ‘He has a law degree from the University of Buckingham, an MA and an MSc, all achieved while serving as a full-time fire officer.’
    • ‘The Waterford-born woman studied psychology at University College Cork before going on to do an MSc by research at the University of Edinburgh.’
    • ‘He will graduate with his MSc in Marketing Practice in November.’
    • ‘Manisha has 12 years of consulting and technology experience, an MBA from London Business School and an MSc in Science & Technology Development.’
    • ‘Gordon, originally an engineer, is now an environmentalist with an MSc in Environmental Science from Trinity College.’
    • ‘An MSc would be advantageous but is not essential.’
    • ‘The one-hundredth MSc to be awarded in the Masters in Environmental Protection programme was conferred on Stephen Wheston from Wexford.’
    • ‘The centre works in tandem with the University of East London to offer an MSc in Advanced Environmental and Energy Studies.’
    degree holder, person with a degree
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