Definition of MRS degree in US English:

MRS degree


North American
  • Used to refer to the marriage or engagement of a woman pursuing higher education at a college or university.

    ‘many coeds hoped to get their MRS degree before graduation’
    • ‘She grew up in one of my state's richest neighborhoods and went to college for an MRS degree, while he dropped out of college after two years to do construction work.’
    • ‘Isn't that what the mothers of today's 50-somethings did, going to college to get their Mrs. degree and taking poorly paid jobs below their capacities?’
    • ‘She has a young man sitting here on the front who will confer the MRS degree upon her in a few months.’
    • ‘I also acquired the coveted MRS degree: nine months after graduation my hubby popped the question.’
    • ‘The pressure to get that "all important" MRS degree by the time they graduate from college is staggering.’
    • ‘Back when I was in college, we used to turn our noses up at the girls getting their "M.R.S. Degrees".’
    • ‘Little Sally is still free to pursue her dream of an MRS degree.’
    • ‘One time in college a guy I was seeing accused me of only being in school to get my M.R.S. degree.’
    • ‘And I've never had anyone tell me that I better get a "ring by spring" or ask if I was going to earn my "MRS degree."’
    • ‘In today's society, you are NOT allowed to say you are going to college to get an Mrs. degree.’


1940s: alteration of Mrs to resemble abbreviations for academic degrees such as MBA and MS.


MRS degree

/ˌemärˈes dəˌɡrē//ˌɛmɑrˈɛs dəˌɡri/