Definition of Mr. Clean in US English:

Mr. Clean


  • A man, especially a public figure, who has an impeccable image, record, or reputation. Sometimes used with Miss, Mrs., or Ms. when referring to a woman.

    ‘he comes up Mr. Clean on the sheets—not even a parking ticket’
    • ‘After Mr. Clean tried to kill a guard with a pistol someone had slipped into his cell, his nickname became ‘Trigger.’’
    • ‘Mark's appointment was seen as clearly signalling a battle against corruption: ‘He had the reputation of a Mr. Clean.’’
    • ‘No candidate is Mr. Clean in everyone's eyes.’
    • ‘He's Mr. Clean, a driver who would rather finish second than make an enemy by driving dirty.’


From the trademark Mr. Clean, a brand of household cleaner.


Mr. Clean