Definition of mowing in English:



  • 1mowingsLoose pieces of grass resulting from mowing.

    • ‘They will also thrive on lawn mowings or discarded straw.’
    • ‘Grass mowings are very effective too, but not deeper than 5 centimetres at a time.’
    • ‘He used to give his grass mowings providing we mowed his lawn.’
    • ‘The simplest thing to do is dig a small pit and pile in all your scraps, mowings and prunings.’
    • ‘I've surrounded the plants with a thick mulch of grass mowings from the neighbouring field to prevent moisture loss and weed growth, and to give the developing fruit a soft, dry bed to lie on.’
    • ‘Graham pulls out his petrol mower, and, no more than thirty minutes later, the job is done and there are two sacks of mowings waiting to go to the recycling centre.’
    • ‘Your compost heap could be vastly improved by covering it with a 9in layer of grass mowings and putting a cover over it.’
    • ‘Lawn mowings are left in situ and large areas of longer grass are left unmown to encourage wild flowers and grass seed.’
    • ‘Once the asparagus is growing stoutly enough to pick, put your lawn mowings on it throughout the summer.’
  • 2US A field of grass grown for hay.