Definition of movie theater in US English:

movie theater

(also movie house)


North American
  • A theater where movies are shown for public entertainment.

    British term cinema
    • ‘As the years charged on we started to become a first-run movie theatre, essentially playing new, independent art hits.’
    • ‘So if we could put a man on the moon, why can't we get people to keep quiet in a movie theater?’
    • ‘The breakthrough in their love came in the movie theatre.’
    • ‘A dizzying sound of drumbeats invades the movie theatre.’
    • ‘There's a movie theatre showing The Sound of Music with captioned lyrics for the audience to sing along.’
    • ‘The past few years have seen the return of the musical to the movie theater.’
    • ‘So it's a bit odd that I woke up today with a desire to spend the afternoon in a movie theater.’
    • ‘In fact, you can catch the action in the cool confines of a Kensington movie theatre.’
    • ‘We spent our last afternoon in a movie theater, dodging a monsoon that had moved in.’
    • ‘We just went to the movie theatre and then over to my house where there were no interruptions in having a steady conversation.’
    • ‘It is the last movie house from that golden age still showing pictures, and Derek has begun to write its definitive history.’
    • ‘Children in a movie theatre is almost always a no-no.’
    • ‘I was thinking about this while doing some research on the old Brooklyn Paramount theater, a gigantic movie house built at the end of the 20s.’
    • ‘Sitting in a movie house, watching TV, listening to today's hits, I sometimes get to feeling old.’
    • ‘When the mikes went out, his theatre training kicked in and his voice expanded clearly to the back of the movie house.’
    • ‘It's so much easier to cry in a dark movie theater, but it's even better to laugh!’
    • ‘Clients who are reluctant to venture out to a movie theater can watch films in their own homes.’
    • ‘I feel like we're sneaking into a movie theatre or something, not trying to see our best friend's brother.’
    • ‘It is now against the law to take a camcorder into a movie theater to record what's on the screen.’
    • ‘The movie theater became a refuge for the boy, and he began to read films through that sensibility.’
    movie theatre, movie house
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movie theater

/ˈmuvi ˈθiədər//ˈmo͞ovē ˈTHēədər/