Definition of movie director in US English:

movie director


North American
  • A person who controls the making of a film and supervises the actors and technical crew.

    ‘Giger's works influenced a generation of movie directors’
    • ‘Gilliam is one of the most visually imaginative movie directors of his generation.’
    • ‘Lumet left the popular series to pursue his own legendary career as a movie director.’
    • ‘An interviewer in Rome once asked me who was my favourite movie director.’
    • ‘She also worked with most top movie directors of her day, including Alfred Hitchcock.’
    • ‘Hollywood's hottest new movie director is a 60-year-old veteran helmer of TV sitcoms.’
    • ‘With women making up only 3 percent of all movie directors, here's your chance to get early exposure in the film industry.’
    • ‘They think they are better than other people because of the movie directors they like, the food they eat, or the cars they drive.’
    • ‘If I was a young, aspiring movie director I'd wish I'd get that kind of treatment from critics!’
    • ‘On this night, Bell, a film buff, was seated next to a well-known movie director.’
    • ‘BMW hired some of Hollywood's top action movie directorsto create short films featuring the company's cars.’