Definition of mover in US English:



  • 1A person or thing in motion, especially an animal.

    ‘this horse is a lovely mover and jumper’
    • ‘All of the troupe's performers are confident movers, easily fitting into the thrum of the house music score.’
    • ‘Other movers on the day included Ryanair Holdings, which shed 20 cents to close at 1210.’
    • ‘Intellectual debate is one of the primary movers of the world.’
    • ‘Hutchinson also produces wheels and runflats for special purpose vehicles, such as cash movers and executive security vehicles.’
    • ‘The ballet company has beautiful movers who perform the classics very well indeed, but I strongly recommend you see them dance in a different context too - they're really great!’
    • ‘Most successful defensive pairings include a puck mover and a stay-at-home guy.’
    • ‘Moutan is also said to move the blood, thus this formula contains two blood movers.’
    • ‘Whenever he's out of nick he fidgets and loses balance, and his feet, minimal movers at the best of times, become rooted to the crease.’
    • ‘Bounding on stage to a driving soundtrack, Michel, an excellent mover, shared a dynamic performance and showcased precision in her creative sequences.’
    • ‘Hand-me-down history usually points to mobsters as the primary movers of illegal liquor.’
    • ‘He has always been a very good-looking horse and a lovely mover.’
    • ‘He's not a mover like his brother - his brother moves extremely well.’
    • ‘There is no place in the game for a slow mover or an ordinary fielder".’
    • ‘Keyan had also found that the hallways inside the complex were lined with motion and sound sensors, but these were spaced just far enough apart to allow a careful and silent mover to go between them.’
    • ‘Hertford were the biggest movers of the top women's crew, moving from 4th in division to 11th in division.’
    • ‘Other movers included C & C, who ended the session 7c to the good.’
    • ‘The defensive corps also needed a puck mover.’
    • ‘The better players will get a longer run; better fielders will replace the slow movers.’
    • ‘Forty-seven percent of movers with a college degree moved to a new county, either within the same state or in another state, compared with 34 percent of those with less than a high school education who did so.’
    • ‘On balance, more of those interregional movers decide to leave the Northeast and Midwest than move to those regions.’
    doer, performer, author, executor, perpetrator, operator, operative, producer
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    1. 1.1North American A person whose job is to remove and transport furniture from one building, especially a house, to another.
      ‘he watched movers load the remaining boxes’
      • ‘Your mover can also provide you with boxes especially made for moving.’
      • ‘Sitting in the driveway of his new house on Long Island, he watched the movers carry a large dresser from the truck inside the house.’
      • ‘In December, when the Robinsons moved to a new home, Victor contacted the movers and ordered and packed the boxes.’
      • ‘"I'm going to hire some movers to pack everything up.’
      • ‘I actually went and bought skates for my roller-sweetie (as documented in my article), but alas some movers decided to steal our skates during one of our moves.’
      • ‘After giving the movers instructions, she and Caitlin went inside and took the elevator to the fifth floor.’
      • ‘I had never known a mover to dress so casually, but then again, I hadn't met too many movers; when I moved, I moved by myself.’
      • ‘Nor do most senior movers consider their job done when the last box has been unpacked.’
      • ‘We have paid movers to move such boxes from house to house.’
      • ‘The movers will move it, and I could care less how they go about hoisting it out of the room and onto their truck.’
      • ‘It was the first week of summer vacation when I watched out my bedroom window as the big moving truck pulled up across the street and the movers began moving Tiara and her mother into their new house, directly across from ours.’
      • ‘Once we do this tomorrow, the movers will bring everything we own (save for about 6 suitcases' worth) to our home, and we'll be officially moved in.’
      • ‘Curious as to who was moving she followed two of the movers to the apartment.’
      • ‘Now to just pack everything up so that the movers have something to move.’
      • ‘I hate moving; and with no money to hire movers, I'm stuck doing pretty much everything on my own.’
      • ‘Put the house on the market, hire movers, and move home.’
      • ‘On the second day, she had the movers come and collect her things.’
      • ‘After the incident earlier in the day, my mother had instructed the movers to put my box of clothes in my room.’
      • ‘He had to get his furniture moved and once the movers came it wasn't like he could just shoo them away.’
      • ‘Walk through it to say goodbye one last time before the movers come and box everything up.’
  • 2A person who makes a formal proposal at a meeting or in an assembly.

    ‘movers and seconders rise and give speeches’
    • ‘The mover of the motion in his right of reply referred to me as a " neo-fascist pig"!’
    • ‘McCague argues that the wording was not in order but surely it's the job of the Executive to provide the mover of the motion with some guidance.’
    • ‘I also congratulate the mover and the seconder of this debate on their speeches and, in advance, congratulate all other speakers who will make their maiden speeches in the course of this debate.’
    • ‘Matt Wrack, mover of the successful democratisation of the political fund resolution at the firefighters' FBU conference last year, has agreed to write a pamphlet on the issue for the alliance.’
    • ‘To cap it all, a mover of one of the 13 composited motions, one Clair Wilcox from Streatham CLP, withdrew her motion in favour of a call for unity.’
    • ‘I would certainly like to see an opportunity for at least the movers of each motion to address, for 5 minutes between each vote, the purpose of their motions.’
    • ‘I think it would be useful, and I so seek leave, for the Chair to recognise the mover of the bill so that we can all know exactly what it is all about.’
    • ‘Then there was the sneaky dirty trick of introducing a bill that even the mover says is near identical.’
    • ‘When the annexation of Belgium was decreed on 1 October 1795 the mover of the proposal, Merlin de Douai, also recommended the annexation of the entire left bank of the Rhine.’
    • ‘I see that Senator Missen was the mover of this motion.’
    • ‘In the same way, I understand, the procedure at the moment is that other members can sign, for example, the cover sheet for a member's bill without the actual mover of that bill needing to sign it.’
    • ‘Private member's bills get priority over other pieces of private member's business, and at this stage the mover of the bill gets to speak on their legislation for five minutes, but that's it.’
    • ‘Everyone, including the movers of the motions, was taken aback by the vote at April's conference of the AUT lecturers' union to boycott certain universities.’
    1. 2.1 A person who instigates or organizes something.
      ‘she was a key mover in making this successful conference happen’
      • ‘Barrie Unsworth, a Labor Council organiser in 1974 and later NSW Premier, was a key mover behind the establishment of the gym.’
      • ‘Yes, the Prime Minister was the main mover behind the idea, having become convinced of the need for universities to receive a far higher income.’
      • ‘The activist is now widely seen as the key mover in the attempts to upset the abortion referendum, and as someone who will play a prominent role in the next No to Nice campaign.’
      • ‘Among them were General Manuel Belgrano, principal mover behind Argentina's Declaration of Independence, and Bernardino Rivadavia, its first president.’
      • ‘Leon Kass, America's chief bioethicist, is at the forefront of the battle against stem-cell research, and has been the key mover behind some severe restrictions on stem cell research.’
      • ‘He was a protégé of the Fishermen's Protective Union and a key mover in the development of the province's labour movements of the 1920s.’
      • ‘We have the biggest market share in Bulgaria, and are the executive and diplomatic movers of Sofia.’
      • ‘Balaraj is a key mover behind an informal forum in the city which helps young entrepreneurs to find start-up capital.’
      • ‘Sensible central authorities empower the key economic players and movers.’
      • ‘And by movers here I refer to those organisations with some power to sponsor, mass produce and distribute music in the country from long ago to date.’
      • ‘The movers behind the venture are Kannan, an employee of a computer software firm at the Technopark, and Sarath, a student of the Sree Chitra Engineering College.’
      • ‘Head of audit operations in the UK, Riaz Shah, was the chief mover behind the decision.’
      • ‘You have to have a large minority, an influential and active minority, including a significant component of young adults, who are generally the great movers of history.’
      • ‘The main movers behind the idea of the fund-raiser were brother Fergal and Vivian Foley from the Killougternane club.’
      • ‘It is based on unifying and moving working people, the most powerful movers behind significant social change.’
      • ‘She is deeply affecting as a bereaved wife and mother while also coming across as a political mover.’
      • ‘One of the main movers behind the project is Jane Anderson, a tutor at Lancaster and Morecambe College, who says: ‘There should be something for everyone.’’
      • ‘That was Jim Tulip, one of the key movers behind Wellspring, a new Australian Christian community with its feet firmly in the bush.’
      • ‘It was obviously objectionable to some American Jews, and it is not surprising that they played an enthusiastic part in undermining it; but they were not the sole, nor even the prime, movers in its downfall.’
      • ‘On Saturday, Mr Manning omitted reference to one minister recognised as a critical mover in the mission of keeping food both affordable and available.’
      manipulator, manoeuvrer, worker, string-puller, mover and shaker, wheeler-dealer
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  • mover and shaker

    • A powerful person who initiates events and influences people.

      • ‘She's simply too busy meeting and greeting the movers and shakers of the business world.’
      • ‘So what is a man who once rubbed shoulders with the movers and shakers of the movie business doing living and working quietly in York?’
      • ‘An ex-colleague says: ‘He just wants to be seen as a mover and shaker among the US political elite.’’
      • ‘In this job, you meet a lot of the movers and shakers in Bradford's business community.’
      • ‘Under the watchful eyes of masters, movers and shakers, young leaders get a chance to learn and grow.’
      • ‘Rocky was our real community leader, a mover and shaker of powerful socialist principle, and he'd heard my interview with the man.’
      • ‘The movers and shakers behind the framework met business leaders on Thursday with a clear agenda to inform, update and reassure.’
      • ‘The guest list is full of movers and shakers from politics, business and entertainment.’
      • ‘Also, it's a good idea to be in touch with the local political and economic movers and shakers to see what the job needs are in your community.’
      • ‘The days stretched into nights for the film's key movers and shakers.’
      • ‘It's largely a class creation project, the promotion of a new class of wealthy and powerful Namibian movers and shakers.’
      • ‘For the most part, women are still being propagated in the media as either mothers or sex shows, while men are still the movers and shakers of world business and politics.’
      • ‘These people are usually the real movers and shakers and very rarely end up as president or prime minister, at least in democracies.’
      • ‘He is already mixing with Government movers and shakers.’
      • ‘It is not quite percolating through to the people who are the movers and the shakers, and the people who are able to, you know, change situations.’
      • ‘Inside the barricades movers and shakers of powerful countries and companies huddled to polish the promises of globalism.’
      • ‘We get some insights now from a mover and a shaker from the Clinton administration, former defense secretary William Cohen.’
      • ‘They are the main market movers and shakers.’
      • ‘A few years ago, in a sound move, headquarters shifted to Wellington to be closer to the political movers and shakers and to work with them as needed.’
      • ‘Britain has spawned some of the industry's most powerful behind-the-scenes movers and shakers.’
      chief, head, principal, boss
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