Definition of move with the times in US English:

move with the times


  • Keep abreast of current thinking or developments.

    • ‘Whatever sport or business you are in, it's important to keep moving with the times.’
    • ‘We have always moved with the times and are constantly evolving to keep up with all the new technology that is around.’
    • ‘It is a juggling act trying to keep the long-term clientele happy by offering personal service and quality brands, while moving with the times and attracting new customers.’
    • ‘At 84 years Annie ensured she moved with the times and was always great at giving advice and listening.’
    • ‘It was a good period in my life, and I'm glad to see the club has moved with the times.’
    • ‘In order to retain its vigour modern football must move with the times, keep in tune with what current fans want and consider strategies that will attract new fans.’
    • ‘The club has evolved and has moved with the times.’
    • ‘And as for the exam system itself, it really hasn't moved with the times.’
    • ‘Attitudes have changed and we need to move with the times.’
    • ‘We have got to be prepared to be flexible and move with the times.’
    get up to date, move with the times, innovate, make alterations, make changes
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