Definition of mouthguard in US English:



  • A plastic shield held in the mouth by an athlete to protect the teeth and gums.

    • ‘It's hard to believe some people tut-tut when he hurls his mouthguard away in frustration, high-fives teammates in jubilation, or parties like he means it.’
    • ‘We wear protective headgear, mouthguards and other protective garments, however, you can run on the rugby field wearing nothing but a mouthguard.’
    • ‘Family physicians should advocate the use of appropriate mouthguards and face shields in organized sports.’
    • ‘There have been several studies over the last couple of years that have documented the changing forces required to injure teeth when a mouthguard is in position.’
    • ‘A bout begins when the referee shouts ‘shi-jak’, with the competitors wearing body, head, and shin protectors, mouthguards, and a groin guard.’
    • ‘Based on the available data, the absence of a mouthguard was not a significant factor in the explanation of injury rates.’
    • ‘The UI dentistry professor adds that children who participate in organized sports can lessen the likelihood of injuring their teeth by wearing a mouthguard.’
    • ‘Then once you check them and their mouthguard before the fight, then once the fight's on, I suppose the main things you're looking for are factors which will produce immediate or long-term injury.’