Definition of moussaka in US English:



  • A Greek dish made of ground lamb, eggplant, and tomatoes, with cheese on top.

    • ‘Don't listen to the people who subscribe to the ‘had one Greek meal, had them all’ school of thought, there's much, much more than moussaka if you're game enough to find out.’
    • ‘Hummus, taramasalata, tzatziki, moussaka, souvlaki - all the greatest hits are present and correct in Aberdeen's only Greek restaurant.’
    • ‘The moussaka is pleasant and surprisingly ungooey, the vegetables almost crisply charred, and the stew of tripe, chorizo, short ribs, and oxtail is definitely thick and hearty.’
    • ‘Twelve ounce steaks are available, as are moussaka, deep fried scampi and gammon steaks, as well as a choice of reasonably-priced burgers and kebabs.’
    • ‘Greeks create such masterpieces as moussaka, a layered dish of eggplant, meat, cheese, and bread crumbs sometimes served with a white sauce.’
    • ‘Greek oils are excellent with salads, especially drizzled over feta, but are a vital component when creating Greek dishes, such as moussaka.’
    • ‘The Greeks have given us so much: philosophy, democracy,… moussaka.’
    • ‘If you have never eaten lemons in a salad, you are in for a treat; their tang and sharpness balance the richness of a dish such as moussaka perfectly.’
    • ‘The major triumphs of the canteen school were the discoveries of moussaka and lasagne, which serve their art perfectly, but the Sistine Chefs have had to try a bit harder.’
    • ‘For $21.99 per person you can sample a dozen items off the menu, which includes souvlaki, moussaka and Adriatic shrimp.’
    • ‘We ordered moussaka and dolmas and ate them on a nearby streetcorner with some wine.’
    • ‘The moussaka is prepared with exquisite lamb meat, a thick layer of béchamel, aubergine and plenty of olive oil and fresh oregano and could serve as an entire meal in itself.’
    • ‘The gyro and moussaka each have about 800 calories and at least a day's worth of saturated fat.’
    • ‘When our meat-eating friends come to stay, they look forward to a succulent roasted rack of lamb, a juicy game pie, or an aromatic lamb moussaka.’
    • ‘I opted to try that most quintessential of Greek dishes, the moussaka.’
    • ‘My main was a traditional Greek selection - moussaka.’
    • ‘Finish by sprinkling the extra grated cheese on top of the moussaka, then bake at about 160°C for about 30-45 minutes until the topping is nicely golden brown.’
    • ‘Certain foods are emblematic of the national identity, including moussaka, baklava, thick coffee, and resinated wine (retsina).’
    • ‘A dinner of Greek moussaka was given to me at school, despite their being informed that I don't do meat.’
    • ‘Do we need two types of moussaka and two types of lasagne?’


From Turkish musakka, based on Arabic.