Definition of mouse mat in English:

mouse mat

(also mousemat)


  • British term for mouse pad
    • ‘A mouse mat made of glass seems to be asking for trouble.’
    • ‘I would have personally liked to see it a little bit bigger and I don't think I would be alone in this, but when compared to a standard mouse mat the extra size is a big bonus that gives you a lot of added real estate.’
    • ‘It comes complete with a mouse, a mouse mat, glow-in-the-dark stickers and a book of instructions.’
    • ‘While it does take a slight increase in effort to slide the mouse over the mat, accurate mousing is now much easier.’
    • ‘This is a mouse designed to work without a mouse mat, to eliminate the need for special surfaces.’
    • ‘The humble mouse mat design has progressed over the years to try and provide users with the optimum mousing surface.’
    • ‘While the texture of the mouse mat did take some getting used to, it provided enough resistance to allow for precise mousing but also provided a smooth almost ‘silky’ glide across the surface.’
    • ‘I had one which cost me about $40 in 1992, and having to always use the special mouse mat was a pain.’
    • ‘About three years ago, there was a bit of a revolution in the mouse mat industry.’
    • ‘It combines pre-programmed buttons and smart card technology to create a wired mouse mat that's more than just a pretty picture.’
    • ‘A good mouse mat, like my new office chair, may cost money that you could easily save, but you'll find it's worth its cost when you rely on it day in day out.’
    • ‘But how many people are going to use a slow-refresh-rate cordless mouse, with an uber-cool-but-expensive mouse mat?’
    • ‘The mouse mat is 280 mm wide and 200-220 mm from top to bottom.’
    • ‘Whether it's a fabric or plastic mat, or even a piece of paper, most would say that a mouse pad is a mouse pad.’
    • ‘The mouse is noticeably stickier to move over the worn surface of the mat, especially when compared to the non-worn surface.’


mouse mat

/ˈmous mat/