Definition of mouse lemur in US English:

mouse lemur


  • A small nocturnal Madagascan lemur with large ears, close-set eyes, and a long tail.

    Genus Microcebus, family Cheirogaleidae: three species. See also dwarf lemur

    • ‘The mouse lemur, one of the smallest of the primates, measures only five inches long, not including its tail.’
    • ‘First, the poll didn't ask about primates - a category including anything from pygmy mouse lemurs to gorillas - but about chimpanzees.’
    • ‘They range in size from the 2.5-inch pygmy mouse lemur (the world's smallest primate) to the indri, which is the size of a small child.’
    • ‘‘Unlike their larger relatives, mouse lemurs are not hunted for food, due to their small body size, but they are just as at risk of going extinct because of their rapidly disappearing habitat,’ Mayor said.’
    • ‘The gray mouse lemur can also hibernate for months, but in this species, only adult females do it.’
    • ‘We were trying to determine the absence or presence of mouse lemurs in the area - the recognized species of mouse lemur, the only one people knew.’
    • ‘Their sizes vary widely - from the mouse lemur, which measures only 5 inches long, excluding its tail; to the indiri, which grows to more than 2 feet long.’
    • ‘Until the late 1970s biologists had thought only two species of mouse lemur lived in Madagascar - a dry forest lemur in the west and its rainforest-dwelling cousin in the east.’
    • ‘The first new lemur was discovered when scientists analyzed and compared morphological, genetic and behavior data from distinct populations of the giant mouse lemur, Mirza coquereli.’
    • ‘Recently, Mayor and fellow researcher Ed Louis discovered a new species of mouse lemur that may be the smallest primate in the world.’
    • ‘This may look like a shapeless blob stuck to a twig, but it's actually a nocturnal mouse lemur.’