Definition of mouse-tailed bat in US English:

mouse-tailed bat


  • An insectivorous bat with a long mouse-like tail, native to Africa and Asia and often found in man-made structures.

    Family Rhinopomatidae and genus Rhinopoma: three species

    • ‘The bat is a mouse-tailed bat, most likely the Muscat mouse-tailed bat and not a free-tailed bat.’
    • ‘India's remaining bats have their origins in western Asia and are primarily arid-climate species such as the tomb bats and mouse-tailed bats.’
    • ‘Colonies of thousands of mouse-tailed bats occupy roosts in large ruined buildings, often palaces and temples.’
    • ‘One species, MacInnes's mouse-tailed bat, is categorized as vulnerable, facing a high risk of extinction in the wild due to the destruction of the bat's natural habitat.’
    • ‘It is refreshing to find accounts of species like the striped hyaena, fennec fox, Ruppell's fox, caracal lynx, wild cat, mongoose, hedgehogs, and mouse-tailed bats (to mention only some of those covered in the book) that are based upon personal field observations of live animals rather than desk studies of dead specimens.’
    • ‘The most common insect-eating bats are the mouse-tailed bat and the sheath-tailed bat followed probably by the leaf-nosed bat.’