Definition of mourning ring in US English:

mourning ring


  • A ring worn to remind the wearer of someone who has died.

    • ‘He left at least a dozen bequests of twenty guineas each to family and friends for the purchase of mourning clothes and mourning rings.’
    • ‘To my aforesaid nephew and his sisters, Elizabeth and Francis a mourning ring apiece and prayer book to each.’
    • ‘He remembers his colleagues, Burbage, Heminges, and Condell too, but only to the extent that he leaves them each 26s. 8d. to buy mourning rings.’
    • ‘This unusual and gorgeous repoussé Victorian mourning ring is an artistic delight.’
    • ‘There were many types of mourning rings made in the Victorian period.’
    • ‘Black-bordered mourning cards and letters, hair jewelry, mourning rings, bracelets, earrings, and other typical objects will be seen.’
    • ‘There were several mourning rings, medals, and things missing.’
    • ‘Some black horse hair in the ring helps Geoffrey date it to 1760 and he thinks it may be a mourning ring.’
    • ‘Throughout the eighteenth century, mourning rings, which provided a tangible link to deceased loved ones, were commonly given to family and friends at funerals.’
    • ‘Most unusually, they are made from melted-down mourning rings and they are the only known examples in gold.’
    • ‘These amethyst mourning rings were a welcome change to the black of the first year.’
    • ‘This fine Gold mourning ring dates back to 1720 and when new would have been enameled in black.’
    • ‘Like the mourning rings of the last century, these too are very expensive, ranging in price from two thousand to ten thousand dollars for a three quarter caret stone.’
    • ‘Just before his execution, the same monarch caused a limited number of mourning rings to be prepared.’
    • ‘The presentation of mourning rings was a status symbol in the 17th and 18th centuries.’
    • ‘When Lucretia died March 21, 1768, her husband gave gold mourning rings to family and friends that were inscribed with her name, date of death, and age.’
    • ‘The jewel-and pearl-encrusted gold mourning ring consists of seven faceted gems on a blue enamel central panel surrounded by a band of six-pointed gold stars and an outer band of graduated pearls.’
    • ‘She will have some of her own rings reinscribed - Margaret, in fact, collects mourning rings.’
    • ‘The two executors were given 20 shillings to purchase mourning rings also.’