Definition of mounted in English:



  • [attributive] Riding an animal, typically a horse, especially for military or other duty.

    ‘mounted police controlled the crowd’
    • ‘Over time, she became nearly as skilled as he was with the great sword and with the dagger, and on horseback they were evenly matched in both riding and in mounted combat.’
    • ‘Now he is looking forward to starting a new life with the force's mounted police unit, which is based in Bury and Leigh.’
    • ‘Humberside Police's mounted section also joined in the search.’
    • ‘The police applauded their mounted colleagues; the miners went away to lick their wounds.’
    • ‘They will be backed up with evidence-gatherers using video equipment, the force's off-road biking unit, the mounted section and the police helicopter.’
    • ‘Helicopters and mounted police officers were on patrol.’
    • ‘They forced police in riot gear and a number of mounted police officers to intervene.’
    • ‘Also present at the procession, led by a piper, were two police horses from Greater Manchester Police's mounted section.’
    • ‘The police drove them back, and a mounted policeman took his horse through the crowd to try to rescue Hill, who had been unable to climb the railings.’
    • ‘The mounted and police dog units have a staff of 71 (68 of them officers) with a budget of $7 million.’
    • ‘The horse has been a member of Lancashire's mounted police division for the past 15 years.’
    • ‘Two lines of mounted police were forced to hold back the mainly pro-hunting protest from the gates of Parliament as scuffles broke out in Parliament Square.’
    • ‘More than 15 extra officers currently work the inner city each night, including mounted police, dog units, helicopters and Garda river patrols.’
    • ‘Police Minister Michelle Roberts met police officers and their horses from the mounted section when they travelled to Geraldton from Perth recently.’
    • ‘I did see a mounted police officer charge into a reporter.’
    • ‘They were met by rows of police officers stretching for two blocks on the sidewalk in front of the school, along with mounted police officers on horses and a police helicopter overhead.’
    • ‘After the raid, in San Juan, mounted riot police stared down about 800 shouting demonstrators blocking the gates to Fort Buchanan, a US Army base.’
    • ‘Since there were no real handbooks readily available for training horse and rider in mounted combat, my company had to reinvent or rediscover many of the lost skills.’
    • ‘Ring leaders urged the baying mob, which included women and children as young as seven, to stand their ground despite facing mounted police galloping towards them at full charge.’
    • ‘More than 200 officers will be drafted in for crowd control, backed up by an underwater unit, mounted police and a helicopter team.’
    • ‘The horses even take the same holidays as their riders, so when a mounted police officer spends two weeks in the sun, his or her horse will get two weeks off in the fields.’
    on horseback, mounted, riding, in the saddle
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