Definition of mountaintop in English:



  • The summit or top part of a mountain.

    • ‘The first revolt was remarkable for the continued resistance of the Jewish mountain-top stronghold of Masada by the Dead Sea.’
    • ‘Through the barred windows I saw what looked like forest fire flames dancing on mountaintops at the juncture with the skyline.’
    • ‘For this, he said, would be the last southern Arizona mountaintop to be shaved off in the name of science.’
    • ‘Imagine yourself in your favorite restful place - maybe on the beach, by a stream or on a mountain top.’
    • ‘Left barren by fires, the mountaintop reflected winter moonlight.’
    • ‘Tourists use plank roads to get to the mountain top, walking through natural forests.’
    • ‘Along the way, we often got sidetracked by the mountain-top view.’
    • ‘There is something ineffable about the experience of being on a high mountaintop.’
    • ‘His home is one of the many luxurious homes built on the mountain-top.’
    • ‘Exploring your spiritual path can take place on a mountain-top or in a university classroom.’
    • ‘Discovered in 1980, the little greenish bird has only been sighted on two mountaintops along a treacherous ridge outside Rio de Janeiro.’
    • ‘It has even been known to snow in May on the mountain top.’
    • ‘Jewish spirituality is not achieved by meditating for years on a mountaintop, or by fasting in a reclusive monastery.’
    • ‘A treasure trove of undiscovered marine life has been found on an underwater mountain top in the Caribbean.’
    • ‘I find it more interesting than being on a mountaintop somewhere.’
    • ‘No matter where one lives, a deserted beach or mountaintop or forest is never far away.’
    • ‘Or I may once again spend all my time walking along the city walls, gazing in awe at the mountaintop views.’
    • ‘Authorities say rumors of a landslide caused panic at a mountaintop Hindu temple.’
    • ‘Then on Sunday there will be Mass on the mountain top every half hour from 10 am to 2pm.’
    • ‘Nasa is now looking at shooting satellites from guns mounted on mountain tops to change the face of rocket technology.’
    summit, top, crest, pinnacle, mountaintop, spire, heights, brow, apex, crown, tip, cap, vertex, acme, zenith, apogee
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