Definition of mountain sheep in English:

mountain sheep


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    another term for bighorn
    • ‘In addition to buffalo, men hunted larger game, such as deer, moose, mountain sheep, antelope, and elk.’
    • ‘To simply hope that the predator-prey relationship will reach some sort of equilibrium without intervention is to sentence these mountain sheep to extinction.’
    • ‘Men hunted deer, mountain sheep, and antelope.’
    • ‘The next day, we grabbed a quick breakfast, a close-up look at some deer hanging around the townsite (we had seen a mountain sheep the day before) and headed off on a boat tour down the lake.’
    • ‘In addition to bison remains, bones of mountain sheep, deer, marmot, and cotton-tail rabbit illustrate the diversity of species exploited by groups within this tradition.’
    • ‘They also used bows and arrows to hunt elk, deer, and mountain sheep, although hunting was often difficult on the hot, open plateaus of their homeland.’
    • ‘This summer, my wife and I were lucky enough to spend a wonderful 10 days in a remote part of British Columbia - an area where grizzly and black bears, mountain sheep, wolves and moose are plentiful and still range freely.’
    • ‘The back country is filled with wild moose, caribou, bears, mountain sheep, and copious amounts of other wildlife that chose to reveal itself.’
    • ‘Wild populations of bighorn mountain sheep are carefully managed in North America for hunters who want a chance to shoot a ram with a trophy set of horns.’
    • ‘They include several mouflons as well as the American bighorn or mountain sheep.’
    • ‘Three men hunting mountain sheep found more than they were looking for when they found the remains of a 500-year-old man.’
    • ‘Subsistence food for the Inuit of Alaska included whale meat, caribou, moose, walrus, seal, fish, fowl, mountain sheep, bear, hares, squirrels, and foxes.’
    1. 1.1 Any sheep that lives on mountains.
      • ‘Horns from the Ibex, an indigenous mountain sheep, decorate shrines, indicating the animism which was once a religious influence.’
      • ‘The moufflons are the mountain sheep of Europe and two of their lambs are the latest attraction at the Arignar Anna Zoological Park, Vandalur.’
      • ‘The East is the nesting place of the eagle and hawk, but also the home of mountain sheep and African cheetahs.’
      • ‘Welsh mountain sheep do not care who you are or where you are going, or how close you are to them.’
      • ‘This substitution probably took place around the time flannel began being made from the wool of mountain sheep, which became an important local cottage industry in the late 16th century.’
      • ‘In the terraced fields, young boys tended flocks of goats and mountain sheep whilst women tilled the stony ground by hand.’
      • ‘The picture was of a lovely Connemara seaside scene with a few mountain sheep crossing a home-made bridge near Camus.’
      • ‘All the flocks, dairy farms and mountain sheep enclosures were taken from private owners.’
      • ‘He continues to teach and conduct research on elk and mountain sheep.’
      • ‘Located in the Cloonacool area of Co. Sligo, an area well renowned for its mountain sheep, the land was offered in 5 different lots.’