Definition of mountain pine in US English:

mountain pine


  • 1Any of various kinds of pine native to mountainous regions; especially either of two European pines often treated as a single species, the low shrubby Pinus mugo of central and eastern Europe (more fully "dwarf mountain pine"; also called mugo pine), and the tree-sized P. uncinata (P. montana), of south-western Europe.

  • 2North American. Any of several North American pines, especially the white pine, Pinus monticola, of the western United States, and the Table Mountain pine, P. pungens, of the eastern United States.

  • 3Generally. Any pine tree growing in a mountainous region.

  • 4NZ. Any of several coniferous trees and shrubs of the family Podocarpaceae, especially Dacrydium bidwillii, found in boggy and subalpine regions of New Zealand.

  • 5Australian. The black cypress pine, Callitris endlicheri.


Late 16th century; earliest use found in John Gerard (c1545–1612), herbalist. From mountain + pine.


mountain pine

/ˌmaʊntɪn ˈpʌɪn/