Definition of mountain lion in English:

mountain lion


  • another term for cougar
    • ‘The male mountain lion was first spotted by a ‘heroic’ female dog, which chased it up a tree, where it provided an easy target for police.’
    • ‘This was not an African lion but an American mountain lion, also known as a cougar or puma, a cat the size of a leopard that was once rare and considered virtually harmless.’
    • ‘A toddler missing for three-and-half years whose tattered clothes were discovered last week was probably attacked by a mountain lion, authorities said.’
    • ‘This is the mountain lion, the puma, the cougar.’
    • ‘In short, the chances of being killed by a mountain lion while out hiking, biking, climbing, camping - you name it - are statistically insignificant.’
    • ‘While the bighorn sheep, the black bear, the mountain lion and the bobcat inhabit higher elevations and are elusive to visitors, one is more likely to sight the elk and the moose in the valley.’
    • ‘The mountain lion responsible for killing a particular deer was positively identified in 179 instances.’
    • ‘Amateur video footage at a roadside zoo in South Carolina revealed a mountain lion so undernourished that it was eating another mountain lion that had fallen ill and died.’
    • ‘They are on the trail of what Billy thinks is a coon, but actually turns out to be a mountain lion.’
    • ‘By the time I retreated to the truck, the only thing I was sure of, besides being tired and cold, was that I wanted more than ever to find a mountain lion.’
    • ‘She had even climbed up the hill with the nimbleness of a cat or a mountain lion.’
    • ‘A mountain lion living in the San Andres Mountains of New Mexico wears a radio collar to help conservationists track the large cat's movements.’
    • ‘During the ride, Anne was savagely attacked by a mountain lion, the same mountain lion that had killed another biker several hours later.’
    • ‘He was stepping pointedly toward him - practically gliding; no, stalking toward him, like a mountain lion ready to go for the final kill.’
    • ‘She fixed her eyes on the mountain lion and breathed slowly.’
    • ‘In Lake County near Antioch, Illinois, there have been several sightings of a cougar or mountain lion.’
    • ‘A mountain lion had come, smelling food apparently.’
    • ‘Last year I saw a mountain lion; first time I'd ever seen a big cat.’
    • ‘The mountains are home to grizzly and black bear, woodland caribou, wolves, mountain lion, moose - you name it, if it's big and has fangs, claws or horns it lives here.’
    • ‘Perhaps a little more exciting to catch sight of (at least for me) is the bighorn sheep, mule deer, bobcat, mountain lion, coyote or one of the amazing birds of prey.’
    • ‘He realizes it is a mountain lion and he is scared to death.’
    • ‘Tracks made by birds, elk, deer, big horn sheep, Rocky Mountain goats and the occasional mountain lion are more common in the Black Hills back country.’


mountain lion

/ˈmount(ə)n ˌlīən//ˈmaʊnt(ə)n ˌlaɪən/