Definition of mountain laurel in US English:

mountain laurel


  • A North American kalmia that bears clusters of white or pink flowers.

    Kalmia latifolia, family Ericaceae

    • ‘Near the streams is an abundance of lady fern, netted chain fern, royal fern, cinnamon fern, and New York fern, often growing beneath a layer of mountain laurel.’
    • ‘Flowering dogwood, mountain laurel, and rose-shell azalea dot the forest with splashes of color in early May.’
    • ‘The surrounding land drops down close to 2,500 feet, and possesses all the flora and fauna you'd expect from an Appalachian mountain range - mountain laurel, rhododendron, cotton grass, pine trees and all the deer you can fathom.’
    • ‘Groundcover was composed of dense blueberry and huckleberry or mountain laurel.’
    • ‘Fred prolongs the useful life of mountain laurel by applying a sealer every other year to guard against bugs and decay.’
    • ‘Getting to the top of the ‘mountain’ was an all day excursion requiring bottles of water and fortifying sandwiches, but the view from the top was, to our wondering eyes, glorious, heavily scented by the surrounding mountain laurels.’
    • ‘In the first year Manning planted sixteen boxcar loads of rhododendron, mountain laurel, wild ginger, and ferns, all dug from the mountains of Virginia.’
    • ‘The hemlocks thinned out, giving way to sunlight and open deciduous woods, with mountain laurels lining the brook.’
    • ‘Camellia, goldenchain tree, Texas mountain laurel, and vine maple are good in part shade.’
    • ‘The surprising discovery of several populations of Swainson's Warbler in thickets of rhododendron and mountain laurel in the Appalachian Mountains considerably expanded the range of habitats in which the species was known to breed.’
    • ‘We saw a Texas mountain laurel this spring and were amazed at the beautiful flowers.’
    • ‘In that time, I jumped over a large patch of mountain laurel, ran to the back of a tree, and gave a powerful leap that brought me up to the lower branches.’
    • ‘He planted hundreds of them - white pines, blue spruces, oaks, maples, willows, birches, cherry trees, apple trees, pear trees and others, and he planted rhododendrons, mountain laurels and other flowering shrubs.’
    • ‘We have a 2-year-old Texas mountain laurel that is putting on some spring growth but has never bloomed.’
    • ‘The danger is especially great with the peat-based soil mixes used for growing azaleas, mountain laurels, and rhododendrons.’
    • ‘Any evergreen rhododendron or mountain laurel will provide a touch of leafy green.’
    • ‘We climbed through tough canyon country, the road bucking and twisting between coastal oaks and mountain laurel.’
    • ‘In the center was a large section of mountain laurel.’