Definition of mountain cranberry in US English:

mountain cranberry

nounPlural mountain cranberries

  • 1A low-growing evergreen dwarf shrub of the heath family that bears dark red berries and grows in upland habitats in the north.

    Vaccinium vitis-idaea, family Ericaceae

    Also called cowberry, lingonberry
    • ‘Peoples of the north have relied on mountain cranberry for food for centuries; in Scandinavia, the Swedes call it lingon, and in England it is known as Lingberry and Crowberry.’
    • ‘It grows in the same climate as the mountain cranberry and grows all over Canada, Europe and Northern Asia.’
    • ‘Of the shrubs and herbs which occur in the vicinity of Fort Langley, the more important of these were bog cranberry, blueberries, mountain cranberries and salal.’
    • ‘The mountain cranberries will spread to cover the ground.’
    • ‘Many of the shrubs are berry plants, such as low bilberry, mountain cranberry, bearberry, and crowberry, and bears graze on these in late summer.’
    • ‘The latter, which replaces it in the more northerly regions and at higher altitudes, can be termed mountain cranberry, or foxberry.’
    • ‘In North America, mountain cranberry is restricted to areas north of the glacial boundary.’
    • ‘The foothills are overgrown with blueberries and mountain cranberries.’
    • ‘Mount Mansfield has a long stretch of alpine terrain, and has mountain cranberries.’
    • ‘Wet meadows have abundant grasses, sedges, and rushes, while low-growing shrubs include black crowberry, mountain cranberry, shrubby cinquefoil, and three dwarf willows.’
    • ‘On the moors, the mountain cranberry is in bloom in May and June.’
    1. 1.1 The edible acid berry of the mountain cranberry plant, which may be used as a cranberry substitute.
      • ‘Look for mountain cranberries and blueberries along the edges of the ledges.’
      • ‘Of course the word lingon is Swedish, but the berries are also known as cowberries, mountain cranberries, lowbush cranberries, European cranberries, and wild cranberries.’
      • ‘Cut the meat in thin slices and serve with potatoes, green peas, sprouts and mountain cranberries.’
      • ‘Partridgeberries, also known as mountain cranberries, are small tart berries that are best replaced with the smaller cranberries for taste.’
      • ‘During summer and fall, the birds feed on a variety of flowers, green leaves and berries - particularly blueberries and mountain cranberries.’
      • ‘Wild lingonberries are also called mountain cranberries and partridgeberries.’
      • ‘The juice from mountain cranberries is recognized as having the highest content of natural proanthocyanidins.’
      • ‘Remember to look for blueberries and mountain cranberries in mid to late summer, especially off the beaten path.’
      • ‘Wild mountain cranberries can have positive effects on the bladder.’