Definition of mouflon in US English:


(also moufflon)


  • A small wild sheep with chestnut-brown wool, found in mountainous country from Iran to Asia Minor. It is the ancestor of the domestic sheep.

    Ovis orientalis, family Bovidae

    • ‘They include several mouflons as well as the American bighorn or mountain sheep, O. canadensis.’
    • ‘Hunters, in organised groups of three to four people, will be allowed to shoot mouflons, wild boars, roes, red deer and fallow deer at Christmas.’
    • ‘Following the introduction and spread of pigs, mouflon sheep, and other alien ungulates, however, it suffered a severe decline.’
    • ‘The former project was targeted on seven species of large mammals and has identified the leopard, bezoar goat, and Armenian mouflon (Ovis orientalis gmelini) as taxa that deserve the most urgent conservation actions in the country.’


Late 18th century: from French, from Italian muflone.