Definition of motoric in US English:



  • 1Physiology
    Relating to muscular movement.

    ‘the infants' motoric and linguistic capabilities’
    • ‘They stress that visual naming speed reflects the rapid integration of lexical access and retrieval processes with lower level visual, auditory, and motoric (articulation) processes.’
    • ‘Initial abilities in motoric and processing speed tasks were compromised, particularly when tasks became more complex.’
    • ‘Sport will develop children's motoric abilities, balance, etc. which interacts with cerebral activities and enhances the growth of neurons.’
    • ‘Consistent speed of processing differences have been noted among children with dyslexia across several perceptual, motoric, and linguistic domains.’
    • ‘Research indicates that young children's ability to recall meaningful sentences is increased through motoric imagery (e.g., moving their bodies in space).’
    • ‘They changed the diagnosis to ADHD, once again recognizing the motoric aspects of the syndrome.’
    • ‘These conscious contents, in turn, when they are broadcast, can trigger motoric, memory, and associative activities.’
    • ‘Motoric learning consists in discovering and practicing the proper use of a tool.’
    • ‘There are also classes for children with Down's syndrome, providing them with musical therapy that will help them to be more independent and increase their motoric balance.’
    • ‘Automation, the process of machines replacing men in performing sensory, motoric and complex logical tasks, is transforming society in ways that are scarcely comprehensible.’
    • ‘There may even be at least seven or eight different kinds of intelligence, including interpersonal, intrapersonal, linguistic, motoric and musical intelligence.’
    • ‘In particular, they have inappropriate expectations concerning their infants' development, tending to overestimate or underestimate motoric and linguistic capabilities.’
    • ‘Indeed, the very nature of the inhibition remains the focus of debate, and various attentional, motoric, and perceptual explanations have been proposed.’
    • ‘We stress sensory and motoric learning activities to help babies in their growing-up process.’
  • 2(of music) marked by a repetitive beat suggestive of mechanized action or movement.

    • ‘The band's debut album won overwhelming critical acclaim, with fans swooning at their lysergic mixture of psychedelic textures and motorik rhythms.’
    • ‘The band starts off sounding motoric, motorised, programmed, but later on the feeling gets more ethereal, dreamy and wistful.’
    • ‘'Relativity' is a sprawling, psychedelic-flecked number, driven by a motorik pulse and surrounded by swirling organs and sheets of jagged guitars.’
    • ‘Premiered in Berlin in 2005, the work is a flirtation with minimalism, or at least with the technique of motoric repetition in overlapping cycles or phases.’
    • ‘Live, the four piece are a brooding mixture of visceral, post-punk textures and relentless motorik rhythms.’
    • ‘The band fused the abrasive, amplified timbres and motoric rhythms of rock with the string and brass writing of the classical tradition.’
    • ‘The lead single 'Modern Driveway' has a dreamy motorik energy and an ultra-emotive melody.’
    • ‘At times, the music is motoric and harsh; it other times it is reassuring, even inspiring.’


Late 19th century: from motor + -ic, after German Motorik ‘motor functions’.