Definition of motor vehicle in English:

motor vehicle


  • A road vehicle powered by an internal combustion engine; an automobile.

    • ‘Instances of burglary, stolen cars and theft from motor vehicles fell.’
    • ‘He would sell a motor vehicle and take a motor vehicle in part exchange.’
    • ‘To get behind a wheel of a motor vehicle in my condition was a disgrace.’
    • ‘Quadbikes are classed as motor vehicles under the 1988 Road Traffic Act.’
    • ‘They found a Porsche motor vehicle that had collided with a roadside crash barrier.’
    • ‘It will slow other residents, who may spend five minutes per day travelling in motor vehicles along speed-affected roads.’
    • ‘Check with the dealer and your local department of motor vehicles if in doubt.’
    • ‘Others can be classed as motor vehicles meaning riders need to wear a crash helmet and have a licence and insurance.’
    • ‘It is legal for a male to urinate in public, as long as it is on the rear wheel of his motor vehicle and his right hand is on the vehicle.’
    • ‘This is a luxury motor car and has to be compared with other luxury motor vehicles.’
    • ‘Thieves break into parked motor vehicles and take away anything they can lay their hands on.’
    • ‘After the war motor vehicles took an ever-growing share of road transport.’
    • ‘It's even quite possible that one day the majority of our motor vehicles will be diesel-powered.’
    • ‘He also said motorcycles and other motor vehicles would be banned from using the trail.’
    • ‘That clause states that a person must not tamper with a motor vehicle's odometer - or what?’
    • ‘In the eyes of cyclists, the increasing number of motor vehicles also means increased danger on the road.’
    • ‘A person driving a motor vehicle on a road must stop the vehicle on being required to do so by a constable in uniform.’
    • ‘A clamp down on untaxed and uninsured motor vehicles has seen nearly 70 taken off the roads by North Yorkshire Police.’
    • ‘He said London Road had suffered its fair share of criminal damage to motor vehicles this year.’
    • ‘He admits conspiracy to commit criminal damage to motor vehicles, but denies conspiracy to cause damage to vehicles by fire.’
    automobile, motor vehicle, motorized vehicle, means of transport, conveyance, machine
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