Definition of motivelessly in US English:



  • See motive

    • ‘To pray and to worship God motivelessly is of course good.’
    • ‘I want to spend a day with Peter and Cynthia walking motivelessly in random shopping places.’
    • ‘This man, who was essentially just on the point of making the essential breakthrough for himself, was apparently just cut off, chopped off, clipped off, as if with a pair of scissors: a life thrown away so motivelessly.’
    • ‘She found it hard to write letters when he was walking about, sometimes watching the point of her pen, lifting a cup and putting it down again, reading a few paragraphs of the paper and dropping it listlessly, opening the cupboard door motivelessly and closing it again, lifting down books, peering behind them and letting them slip from his hands to the floor with a bang.’
    • ‘Their dog was probably abused by its previous owner, but they have to muzzle him because he is paranoid and attacks people completely motivelessly.’