Definition of motivational in US English:



  • 1Relating to the reason or reasons for acting or behaving in a particular way.

    ‘concern for the poor remains a strong motivational factor in my thinking’
    • ‘Barbara Krug refers to conformity as a behavioral and motivational force that contributes to the force of custom.’
    • ‘People always want to explain the male/female difference in suicide as primarily motivational.’
    • ‘Weber's typology was broadened by the inclusion of three other motivational forces (values, affection, tradition).’
    • ‘Thompson followed up this 1998 study in 2000 with a report on demographic and motivational variables associated with Internet use in Singapore.’
    • ‘Steinberg argues that there are two major motivational modes: referential and rhetorical.’
    • ‘Yet it is difficult to speculate on the strategic or motivational causes for the difference, and even more difficult to assess how these affected or reflected nationalist sentiment.’
    • ‘According to classic motivational theorists, all behavior is motivated in some way, in that it is not random but for a reason and in order to further some desired end.’
    • ‘For Wallace, free agency can be understood neither in terms of certain motivational structures, nor in terms of normative judgement.’
    • ‘Emotions are the organized psychobiological responses linking physiological, cognitive, and motivational systems.’
    • ‘The problem with the above scales is that they do not provide a comprehensive profile of the relevant emotional, cognitive, and motivational aspects of women's sexual experience.’
    1. 1.1 Designed to promote the desire or willingness to do or achieve something.
      ‘a motivational speech’
      ‘fear is used as a motivational tool’
      • ‘This is girl music: motivational and giddy with tips on managing love and self-love.’
      • ‘Confident self starter with good motivational skills.’
      • ‘Reflect upon whatever psychological elements might exist to give one team a decisive motivational advantage.’
      • ‘I am ready to follow my dream of becoming a professional motivational speaker.’
      • ‘This is not a personality-driven, motivational DVD with a driving pop music score for added zip.’
      • ‘They traveled the country, training over 900 salespeople in a power-packed, two-hour educational, motivational and highly personal seminar.’
      • ‘All reviews encourage me, obviously, but it's the constant feedback that's really motivational - I owe you guys the world.’
      • ‘His remarks are the most insightful and motivational of any I have heard on the topic of the role of the music teacher in today's society.’
      • ‘There are inspirational and motivational books that can ignite a significant change in its reader.’
      • ‘In the book, the Olympians pass on their best training, nutritional and motivational tips.’
      • ‘Golf fanatics will love this film, as will anyone who has a soft spot for feel-good motivational stories.’