Definition of mothproof in English:



  • (of clothes or fabrics) treated with a substance that repels moths.

    • ‘It is a fine 2-ply mothproof needlepoint/crewel thread made of 100% pure wool in 180 shades.’
    • ‘This yarn is mothproof, shrink-proof, colorfast, non-allergenic and machine washable and dryable.’
    • ‘Many yarn manufacturers make mothproof wool, which is chemically treated to repel or kill moths that come in contact with it.’


  • Treat with a substance that repels moths.

    • ‘You should never attempt to mothproof articles of clothing.’
    • ‘It is dyed with the finest dyes possible and mothproofed for a long life.’
    • ‘Place in closets, drawers, or closed containers to mothproof garments.’
    • ‘New wool is always mothproofed, but it is still a good idea to spray finished needlepoint about once a year.’
    • ‘Our fleece storage bags are mothproofed with pennyroyal.’
    • ‘After a rug is finished it is washed in the bath and mothproofed, so that it shrinks and is made tougher.’
    • ‘Prior to weaving, these yarns are colored with the highest quality wool dye, and mothproofed.’
    • ‘Prior to long-term storage, rugs should first be professionally cleaned, mothproofed, and wrapped in a clean, breathable material, helping to prevent mildew.’
    • ‘The spun wool is wrapped into balls, and then two strands of spun yarn are skeined together, dyed and mothproofed, hung in the sun to dry, reballed, and plied together on a larger spindle.’
    • ‘Wool blankets that have not been mothproofed are ideal and available in many different blends, including alpaca, llama, mohair, and cashmere.’
    • ‘The rug has been exhibited many times since then, and a Navajo Indian regularly cleans and mothproofs it.’
    • ‘Then impregnating the fibers with chemicals that resist moth larvae mothproofs it.’
    • ‘The process also deodorises, mothproofs and increases the natural fire retardancy of the wool, giving a non-reactive product that meets stringent insulation standards.’
    • ‘If your rug has to be stored for any extended period of time, we strongly suggest that it be cleaned and mothproofed, as a dirty rug provides an attractive home for wool-eating insects.’
    • ‘These carpets are not treated with a mothproofing chemicals; they are effectively mothproofed as a result of the washing process.’
    • ‘A reader recently asked me what mothproofed wool is and how it is made.’
    • ‘Scarves are woven in a solid color using 100% medium grade, mothproofed wool.’