Definition of Mother Superior in US English:

Mother Superior

(also mother superior)


  • The head of a female religious community.

    • ‘Kellie Mackereth plays the lead role as Mother Superior with Michelle Raisbeck, Jessica Yates, Andrea Collins and Crystal Cleghorn as the other principle nuns.’
    • ‘There the Indonesian Mother Superior harangued them for forty-five minutes on the moral and spiritual duties of parents.’
    • ‘Starring critically-acclaimed actress Geraldine McEwan as the Mother Superior, this powerful true story is set in Ireland in the sixties and is an emotional tour de force which is firmly and unfortunately grounded in reality.’
    • ‘My love of good food won through and I somehow managed to convince the Mother Superior, without my mother's knowledge, that I could not eat fish and never had to at home.’
    • ‘Here we have a naive young nun, Maria, who is cast out by her Mother Superior to see what the outside world is like by helping a middle-aged widower, Captain Von Trapp, rear his seven children and thwart his Nazi induction.’
    • ‘She responded with the look of a Mother Superior who's just discovered a novice nun secretly leafing through a lingerie magazine.’
    • ‘When I asked him what inspired his creative spirit, he reflected on his childhood in Sicily and spoke of a pivotal incident when the Mother Superior of his school denied him voice lessons because his parents were too poor to pay for them.’
    • ‘Six weeks later I had a distressed call from the Mother Superior of the convent, saying, ‘What am I to do?’’
    • ‘The Mother Superior and the rules of the Church seem to have complicated what ought to be a straightforward proposition: God loves you.’
    • ‘The most powerful survivor was indeed the Mother Superior.’
    • ‘She, the Mother Superior, contracted cholera from a patient she was nursing only the day before she died.’
    • ‘She believes the Mother Superior knew they were Jews as did at least one other nun and the priest who took their confessions.’
    • ‘The women in my family joined a long line of tough Yorkshire matriarchs who ran the home and the family budget with the cool efficiency and high moral standards of a Mother Superior.’
    • ‘The sister looked at Mother Superior for permission, who nodded.’
    • ‘Much could be written about her extraordinary life as Mother Superior of her convents at Bingen and Rupertsberg.’
    • ‘She sounded just like Sister Mary Joseph, the hatchet-faced Mother Superior who used to whack his knuckles with a ruler.’
    • ‘This means that women are perfectly able to act in matters of governance (as any medieval abbess or Mother Superior could tell you).’
    • ‘In December 1963 she became one of the unlikeliest pop stars in history when Dominique - a song originally recorded as a present for her Mother Superior - topped the charts on both sides of the Atlantic.’
    • ‘Bruno is explaining to the Mother Superior of his Catholic school why he wants to wear a dress to school.’
    • ‘The Mother Superior then reappeared with a bottle of local spirit and we were all persuaded to have a swig before departing.’
    nun, novice, abbess, prioress, reverend mother
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Mother Superior

/ˈməðər səˈpɪriər//ˈməT͟Hər səˈpirēər/