Definition of Mother Carey's chicken in US English:

Mother Carey's chicken


  • old-fashioned term for storm petrel
    • ‘It runs alphabetically from Mother Carey's chicken (see: Petrel) to Motherwell and Wishaw, which turn out to be two towns in the Strathclyde region of south central Scotland merged into one big Motherwell in 1920.’
    • ‘Besides the penguin many other birds are to be found here, among which may be mentioned sea-hens, blue petrels, teal, ducks, Port Egmont hens, shags, Cape pigeons, the nelly, sea swallows, terns, sea gulls, Mother Carey's chickens, Mother Carey's geese, or the great petrel, and, lastly, the albatross.’
    • ‘He was surprised to see Mother Carey's chickens (= Wilson's Storm-Petrel, Oceanites oceanicus) in November in the mid-Atlantic on his way back to Boston from Liverpool.’


Mid 18th century: of unknown origin.


Mother Carey's chicken

/ˌməðər ˌkɛriz ˈtʃɪkən//ˌməT͟Hər ˌkerēz ˈCHikən/