Definition of most favored nation in US English:

most favored nation


  • A country which has been granted the most favorable trading terms available by another country.

    • ‘States became more open to trade, and many were prepared to stimulate trade by reducing tariffs, and by adopting most favoured nation agreements.’
    • ‘Both countries have granted each other most favored nation status.’
    • ‘Despite its dismal record in human rights, the House of Representatives has granted it most favored nation status.’
    • ‘India has already accorded most favoured nation status to Pakistan.’
    • ‘And sending a business-as-usual signal by continuing most favored nation status is wrong.’
    • ‘In theory, preferential trading agreements contravene GATT's most favoured nation principle, but as they generally favour developing countries, they are often regarded as acceptable.’
    • ‘The bill is complicating the passage of a bill granting China permanent most favored nation status, according to the New York Times.’
    • ‘As a result of the treaty, a network of bilateral trade agreements based on most favored nation trading status spread across Europe as other countries sought to obtain equal access to the French market in the aftermath of the accord.’
    • ‘For the last two decades, since 1980, we have provided what used to be called most favored nation trading status.’
    • ‘Obviously, if the country were to falter in its support of the war effort or there were to be a change in the domestic balance of power there, its most favoured nation treatment by the US could once again be rescinded.’
    • ‘The most favored nation treatment to which the amendment refers is a familiar clause and concept regulating many types of relationships among states.’


most favored nation

/mōst ˈfāvərd ˈnāSHən/