Definition of moss animal in US English:

moss animal


  • A sedentary colonial aquatic animal found chiefly in the sea, either encrusting rocks, seaweeds, or other surfaces, or forming stalked fronds. Each minute zooid filter-feeds by means of a crown of ciliated tentacles (lophophore).

    Phylum Bryozoa (or Polyzoa, Ectoprocta)

    • ‘Similar to sponges, but with tentacles, moss animals or bryozoans are strange creatures.’
    • ‘They were subsequently found to be colonies of bryozoans (moss animals), which are normally found firmly attached to rocks.’
    • ‘A little deeper than 10m, velvety mounds of soft coral, sponges, tunicates and moss animals are densely packed together.’
    • ‘Bryozoans, or ‘moss animals,’ are aquatic, mostly marine, colonial organisms, superficially rather like coral.’
    • ‘Other fossils commonly found in the formation include Brachiopods, corals, moss animals, and Crinoids or sea-lilies.’