Definition of Mosaic Law in US English:

Mosaic Law


  • another term for "law of Moses" (see law (sense 4))
    • ‘Thus, only after the exact moment of death would the requirements of the Mosaic Law be nullified.’
    • ‘It is for this reason that Paul does not impose the Mosaic Law upon Christians.’
    • ‘This volume explores the perennial debate over Paul's understanding of and attitude toward the Mosaic Law.’
    • ‘As a Christian he acknowledged God as the creator of ethics and strove to sustain vestiges of Mosaic Law.’
    • ‘The Mosaic Law served as a way of life for the Israelites, but no Jew could keep it perfectly.’


Mosaic Law

/mōˌzāik ˈlô//moʊˌzeɪɪk ˈlɔ/