Definition of moppy in US English:



  • See mop

    • ‘Mark was never one to care about his image too badly, his moppy hair, loose t-shirt, and black Dickies hung on his body as proof.’
    • ‘Suddenly the boy's moppy sandy head appeared and he thrust the window open, looking disgruntled and sleepy eyed.’
    • ‘Rain poured down in sheets, soaking my hair into a moppy mess.’
    • ‘Gone are some of the more gaudy touches - his spandex and somewhat slightly less moppy hair have been replaced by simple jeans with a T-shirt.’
    • ‘William took in the sight of the little girl's moppy brown curls that never sat in place, her huge brown eyes and pert little nose and the friendly smile she always gave him and his heart melted all over again.’