Definition of mop something up (also mop up) in US English:

mop something up (also mop up)

phrasal verb

  • Complete the military conquest of an area by capturing or killing remaining enemy troops.

    ‘troops mopped up the last pockets of resistance’
    • ‘People think that we can mop up the problem if we throw more money at it.’
    • ‘The smaller ones have been mopped up and the merger is seen as a clear signal of the need to create a big company to go after the bigger opportunities waiting to be picked off.’
    • ‘It would appear as though the military is prepared to mop up the trouble makers and those that lead them.’
    • ‘Remnants of the Taliban are still active in areas along the border with Pakistan, and U.S. forces are trying to mop them up.’
    • ‘Keating led that journey with the vision, lost touch with those he wished to serve, and Howard was there to mop it up.’
    finish off, deal with, make an end of, dispose of, account for, take care of, clear up, eliminate, dispatch
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