Definition of moonwalk in English:



  • 1An act of walking on the surface of the moon.

    • ‘Its radio telescope has been selected by NASA to receive and relay television pictures of the first moonwalk.’
    • ‘These people were responsible for receiving the television broadcast of the first moonwalk, which would then be sent around the world to many hundreds of millions of people across the world.’
    • ‘Most exciting to the people of Parkes, the television images of the moonwalk are due to be broadcast using their dish.’
    • ‘On the evening of the moonwalk, the sky was clear, and our house faced south, so one could step out our front door and look to the right of the silver maple in our front yard, and there was the waxing crescent Moon in the southwestern sky.’
    • ‘Jarvis was followed by former astronaut Buzz Aldrin, who showed a video of his 1969 moonwalk and urged NASA to start sending citizens into space.’
    • ‘As an integral part of the Gemini and Apollo missions, he was there for the buildup and the successful moonwalk achieved by the Apollo 11 crew.’
    • ‘After four decades and half a dozen space flights - including a moonwalk and the first Shuttle mission, the veteran NASA astronaut is hanging up his flight suit.’
    • ‘Apollo 11 astronauts Buzz Aldrin and Neil Armstrong put it there on July 21, 1969, about an hour before the end of their final moonwalk.’
    • ‘Aldrin received a standing ovation, but the crowd hushed as he told how, after the moonwalk, he lost his way.’
    • ‘The lighting was dim, like any other bar, and there were old nostalgic pictures of moon shots and moonwalks everywhere.’
  • 2A dance with a gliding motion, in which the dancer appears to be moving forward but in fact is moving backwards.

    • ‘He looks like he's ready to break out into the moonwalk.’
    • ‘‘Finish it off with a moonwalk and maniacal laughter,’ I tell him.’
    • ‘Evan started doing this smooth thing where he did a sort of moonwalk in a circle and then stopped, facing me.’
    • ‘You know, 15 years ago I went to Madison Square Garden and I watched Michael Jackson perform and do the moonwalk across the stage.’
    • ‘I was doing the Riverdance, then I tried to do a moonwalk and some silly little body poses.…’
    • ‘I was on the corner with some friends and I did the moonwalk for them.’
    • ‘When he finally called her over to the dinner table, she executed a perfect Michael Jackson moonwalk, finished up with a 180-degree spin and straddle-hopped over the chair back to land squarely in her seat.’
    • ‘He even did the moonwalk,’ Emily laughed and Grace laughed with her.’
    • ‘In the end, Charles' robotic moonwalk was overcome by Anthony's jiggy jittering.’


  • 1Walk on the surface of the moon.

    • ‘The crew made a total of three moonwalks over as many days, ventured 27 km from their landing craft, and spent a total of over 20 hours on the Moon.’
    • ‘Astronauts, it seems, don't get enough natural light up there, and can become too despondent to moonwalk.’
  • 2Dance a moonwalk.

    • ‘Michael could moonwalk al over the room if he wanted to.’
    • ‘Some guy called Tim also mocked me all night for claiming to be able to moonwalk and then not actually being able to do it.’
    • ‘She saw him start to act goofy, dancing like an Egyptian and moonwalking across the sand.’
    • ‘Then he moonwalked like Michael Jackson back toward the tunnel.’
    • ‘She sings with some of the other girls on her ward and shows them how to moonwalk.’
    • ‘He is joined by half a dozen oily men, and delivers a blistering dance routine in which he moonwalks.’