Definition of moonsuit in US English:


(also moon suit)


  • 1A protective coverall garment suitable for space travel.

    ‘as Apollo astronauts discovered, you don't really run in a moonsuit, you bound’
    • ‘The original plan was to use a joystick, but astronaut feedback indicated that grasping a joystick in a moonsuit was troublesome.’
    1. 1.1 A garment resembling a moonsuit.
      ‘an emergency response team dressed in moonsuits’
      • ‘Anyone who puts on a moon suit to handle asbestos is wasting his time: the correct safety equipment is one of those paper nose-and-mouth 'particulate respirators'.’
      • ‘Zipped up tightly in my bee-proof ‘moonsuit’, complete with netted helmet, I walk nervously towards the hives.’