Definition of moonscape in English:



  • A landscape having features characteristic of the surface of the moon, especially in being rocky and barren.

    ‘regrowth on the once-barren moonscape around Mount St. Helens’
    • ‘It's like a moonscape - there's nothing living down there.’
    • ‘In the months that followed, Plymouth was buried by as much as 30 feet of ash, and the once green southern slopes of Montserrat were transformed into an eerie grey moonscape, almost devoid of life.’
    • ‘With the forest kaput, erosion creates a tropic moonscape of barren hillsides.’
    • ‘The best way to describe that area is to say that it is like a moonscape of mud.’
    • ‘The region's slickrock, sandstone from long-gone seabeds, is a moonscape of crinkles and undulations that make for exhilarating riding.’
    • ‘Fish and whole forests died and water became non-potable, turning 30 kilometres of the river system into a moonscape.’
    • ‘From 1987 to 1991, drought turned much of the plain into a moonscape.’
    • ‘The roads here are like moonscapes and we don't know anything about the drainage.’
    • ‘The trees thinned, dirt gave way to snow, the trail disappeared, and we slipped and slid and slithered through a narrow pass before entering a moonscape of rocky peaks and ice-rimmed lakes.’
    • ‘The work takes planters to the most damaged lands, where clearcutting or wildfires have left moonscapes of the ecosystem.’
    • ‘The Rangers now advance through a moonscape of craters and smashed gun positions.’
    • ‘At low tide it's empty, a desolate moonscape of gray glacial silt dotted by glistening tide pools.’
    • ‘Up to 90 percent of the coral island is unusable, resembling a moonscape, after mining stripped away its lucrative phosphate deposits.’
    • ‘Where Charles used to operate a small ferry the Salt River is now vacant land, a moonscape of cobbles and sand.’
    • ‘It was one of the worst horrors of my life, for the forests through which I had walked were totally gone, replaced by a bare and barren moonscape without a tree.’
    • ‘The landscape changes from lush, tree-covered mountains to a barren moonscape, the result of a mining practice called mountaintop removal.’
    • ‘We clamber up over rocks onto a barren, boulder-strewn moonscape where we pick up speed.’
    • ‘As you drift northwards and deeper, the spurs and gullies give way to a moonscape of boulders.’
    • ‘The terrain resembled a moonscape, devoid of vegetation.’
    • ‘The ancient rivers and lakes were teeming with life, a far cry from the dry moonscape of the site today.’