Definition of moonlight in English:



  • The light of the moon.

    as modifier ‘a moonlight stroll’
    ‘I wanted you to see the courtyard by moonlight’
    • ‘Her eyes gazed into the white ceiling above her, now blue with the pale moonlight.’
    • ‘The pale moonlight revealed a man in his early twenties, with curly black hair, streaked with a golden blonde colour.’
    • ‘Illuminated only by moonlight, pale flowers and foliage add a dreamy, ethereal quality to the garden.’
    • ‘She could make out the pale glow of the moonlight shining through the blinds.’
    • ‘He heard the door slide open, letting in the soft glow of moonlight.’
    • ‘He smiled down at me, his smile the only thing I could see perfectly outlined in the pale, ghostly moonlight.’
    • ‘Benji's curtains were open, allowing some moonlight to light up the room.’
    • ‘The moonlight is extremely bright, as bright as the lights on movie sets.’
    • ‘The moonlight shone through the window and cast and irridescent glow on half of the room.’
    • ‘She looked frightened in the pale moonlight, her eyes wide as she backed herself against the wall.’
    • ‘There was grey moonlight coming in, lighting a patch of floor just in front of the window but leaving the rest of the room in blackness.’
    • ‘The pale moonlight that shone through her window provided enough light to find her bed.’
    • ‘The moonlight from the full moon shone in the room.’
    • ‘The sky was bright with moonlight.’
    • ‘The pale moonlight shone on the sand as Kino stepped among the dunes.’
    • ‘The room was dark, but the blinds were open, and the woman in the bed was bathed in the cold white light of moonlight.’
    • ‘They both stood, staring at each other in the pale moonlight for a moment.’
    • ‘The moonlight shone through the clouds and cast a glow upon the water and its rocks.’
    • ‘The moonlight from the sky light on the ceiling beamed down making a square of light in the center of the room.’
    • ‘Carina grinned as she watched the fishes shimmer and shine in the glowing moonlight.’
    illumination, brightness, luminescence, luminosity, shining, gleaming, gleam, brilliance, radiance, lustre, glowing, glow, blaze, glare, dazzle
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[NO OBJECT]informal
  • Have a second job in addition to one's regular employment.

    ‘many instructors moonlight as professional consultants’
    • ‘Acting on a tip, Detective Scott Dillin, who sometimes moonlights as an actor himself, went in search of the paintings at the apartment at 6 Chatham Square.’
    • ‘He was moonlighting as a bartender on Friday and Saturday nights to make some extra money.’
    • ‘Tom, a well meaning, naïve politics student who moonlights as a security guard in the factory, is unwittingly and accidentally pulled into the murderous scheme.’
    • ‘I was home in the evening, except maybe one night a week when I moonlighted to make extra money, which was approved by the Army.’
    • ‘After college, he took a job as an accountant and - to supplement his income - moonlighted as a basketball and football referee.’
    • ‘Although medical care was free, many health care professionals moonlighted to make extra money because official health care usually involved long lines and waiting lists.’
    • ‘She also moonlights as a consultant to major food and kitchen product companies.’
    • ‘To support himself during the first few months, he found work moonlighting as a telemarketer and cutting down trees on weekends.’