Definition of monumentalize in US English:


(British monumentalise)


[with object]
  • Make a permanent record of (something) by or as if by creating a monument.

    ‘a culture that too eagerly monumentalizes what it values’
    • ‘What makes it worse is that in this later encounter, the short-story writer seems to have monumentalized the show.’
    • ‘Officially recognized ‘national heroes’ from diverse regions are honored in school texts, and biographies and with statues for their struggles against the Dutch; some regions monumentalize local heroes of their own.’
    • ‘In addition to ‘monumentalising’ his figures, Breker was also required to alter his style.’
    • ‘It says something about our cultural scene that Welles after his death can be both monumentalized and trivialized.’
    • ‘In the enlarged versions, one notices his eye for composition and design, as well as his uncanny ability to monumentalize his sitters.’
    • ‘These and other inscriptions testify to the need visitors felt to document and monumentalise their visual and aural experiences upon the very statue which had engendered them.’
    • ‘Museums have become lifeless structures that monumentalise and freeze history.’
    • ‘At precisely the same time, the young artist Theodore Gericault was searching for a contentious contemporary subject to monumentalise on canvas.’