Definition of monthly in US English:



  • attributive Done, produced, or occurring once a month.

    ‘the Council held monthly meetings’
    • ‘It cost more than the monthly rent on my first apartment, and it wasn't even one of the best seats.’
    • ‘That's why Jollibee might consider publishing its own monthly economic report.’
    • ‘The meeting ended with Wednesday 2 March confirmed as the date of the next monthly meeting.’
    • ‘The group currently has more than 300 members and associates and holds monthly meetings and social events.’
    • ‘Also, the lowest prices are reserved for customers who pay by fixed monthly direct debit, so pay this way if you can.’
    • ‘Now, its membership has soared to more than 200, with monthly meetings in a north-west hospital.’
    • ‘They charge a moderate membership fee - enough to cover the expenses of the monthly meeting.’
    • ‘Once all these factors have been considered, parents will have the choice of paying by the term or by monthly direct debit.’
    • ‘At the monthly meeting of the local committee members were informed of progress up to date.’
    • ‘Other than the monthly meeting, not much is going on at the association.’
    • ‘There is a monthly internal competition for members and instruction for new members.’
    • ‘But her monthly pocket money was lower than that of a young maid who was favoured by the young lord.’
    • ‘Regular monthly meetings of the group will resume again in early September.’
    • ‘Set up a monthly direct debit so that cash is deducted automatically from your bank account.’
    • ‘Locals and businesses alike have become accustomed to a monthly flat rate system for making phone calls.’
    • ‘Since then monthly meetings are held on the second Friday of every month.’
    • ‘WorldCom promises not to impose a minimum call charge and no set up or monthly rental fee.’
    • ‘This allows the club to engage quality speakers for its monthly meetings, which run from October to June.’
    • ‘There is no shortage of money-saving tips to help you to produce a bigger monthly disposable income.’
    • ‘Thus the original meaning of the Sabbath was full moon, a monthly rather than weekly event.’


  • Once a month; every month; from month to month.

    ‘most of us get paid monthly’
    • ‘He wants to know about a standing order that goes out of my bank monthly.’
    • ‘Make sure you check if it will cost you to pay your premium monthly instead of yearly.’
    • ‘Fertilize monthly when plant is flowering but cut back to every two months in the fall and winter.’
    • ‘No doubt, the intention of the landowner throughout is to hold a market monthly on these Saturdays.’
    • ‘You must keep your phone charged at all times and should change pager batteries monthly.’
    • ‘The rates are tiered, and savers can choose whether to have the interest paid annually or monthly.’
    • ‘The staff could be used weekly or monthly to undertake routine and repetitive tasks.’
    • ‘To avoid the seizure of their buses, they must pay tens of thousands rupees monthly.’
    • ‘The amount of interest you earn over a year will vary depending on whether it is calculated monthly or annually.’
    • ‘All patients were assessed monthly for four months, then every two months for one year.’
    • ‘Many insurance companies charge customers extra to pay for their car and home and contents premiums monthly.’
    • ‘The group, which was formed 50 years ago, meets monthly and holds two annual flower shows.’
    • ‘At first glance, the level of information presented to us monthly appears comprehensive.’
    • ‘Install an air purifier and change air filters monthly in heating and air conditioning systems.’
    • ‘The full amount is then repaid over a period of up to three years by taking a small amount out of their wages either weekly or monthly.’
    • ‘These can be paid annually or monthly as long as the person is alive.’
    • ‘Naturally, this assumes that you pay your bill monthly by direct debit and not via an annual lump sum.’
    • ‘Immediately after the separation, Larry continued to pay the mortgage monthly.’
    • ‘Signalling equipment with moving parts was inspected weekly and the rest monthly.’
    • ‘Stubbs operates on a few patients monthly and has numerous consultations.’
    • ‘I would have to transfer the money monthly from an existing savings account, or find it elsewhere.’


  • 1A magazine that is published once a month.

    • ‘Urdu dailies and monthlies are published in America especially in California.’
    • ‘The monthly also sells a bound version of all issues brought out in a year for collectors.’
    • ‘Mother Jones, a glossy monthly, takes an equally unequivocal approach to war.’
    • ‘This introduction to their new monthly is all about the finer things.’
    • ‘It also runs an Internet album/gig review website and publishes the monthly, The Fly music magazine.’
    • ‘He owns a personal library which receives several Urdu dailies, weeklies and monthlies published in different parts of the country.’
    • ‘Melbourne magazine launched in 2002 as an independent glossy monthly with a focus on Melbourne lifestyle.’
    • ‘Nicoll was simultaneously the editor of the extremely successful popular literary monthly the Bookman.’
    • ‘In the past year he has turned one of his fortnightly magazines into a weekly, and one monthly into a fortnightly.’
    • ‘It would be giving up its stake in its flagship women's monthly, and would develop its own rival publication.’
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  • 2monthliesinformal A menstrual period.

    • ‘Anyway, nobody said anything about Michelle not getting her monthlies.’
    • ‘I asked the young woman about the severity of her symptoms and she informed me that she always suffered agonizing pain when she had her monthlies.’