Definition of Monterey Jack in US English:

Monterey Jack

(North American Jack cheese) (also Monterey cheese)


  • A kind of cheese resembling Cheddar.

    • ‘Or make them Mexican by mashing them, adding Monterey Jack cheese and diced jalapeño, and serving in flour tortillas.’
    • ‘It plays a smothering defense with a tortilla wrap that is covered with melted Monterey Jack cheese.’
    • ‘Add corn and Monterey Jack cheese, blending well.’
    • ‘She sighed to herself and undid the green wrapping that encased her bagel, turkey, and Monterey Jack cheese sandwich.’
    • ‘I liked the Texas burger, made with Monterey Jack cheese and BBQ sauce.’
    • ‘The chef mixes shrimp and crab with Jack cheese, white wine and a touch of cilantro, then finishes the dish with a mayonnaise.’
    • ‘Spanish rice, beans, Monterey Jack cheese, lettuce, sour cream and salsa are wrapped in a twelve inch flour tortilla to make a hefty meal.’
    • ‘I vary the meal by using different types of tortillas, such as sun-dried tomato, or adding fat-free pepper Jack cheese.’
    • ‘The new Grilled Vegetable flavor offers a blend of vegetables and mozzarella cheese; the Salsa features tomatoes, green peppers and Monterey Jack cheese; and the Roasted Onion flavor is purely vegan.’
    • ‘But I did have a sample of a farmhouse Monterey Jack cheese flavored with the California pollen and found it surprisingly good, so I'm keeping an open mind.’


From the name of Monterey County, California, where it was first made; the origin of Jack is unknown.


Monterey Jack