Definition of Monterey cypress in US English:

Monterey cypress


  • A cypress tree with a large spreading crown of horizontal branches and leaves that smell of lemon when crushed, native to a small area of California and widely planted in temperate climates worldwide.

    Cupressus macrocarpa, family Cupressaceae

    Also called macrocarpa
    • ‘Among the trees that would be removed under the Fish and Wildlife Service plan would be 120-year-old Monterey cypress, a costal species with a fairly short life span that has started to die off or blow over.’
    • ‘Much of the path is shaded with Monterey cypress and pine trees and some eucalyptus.’
    • ‘First stop, the Northern Coast, where nearly one-third of California's champions grow, including the 1,291-point coast redwood, the 684-point California-laurel, and the 668-point Monterey cypress.’
    • ‘Created when Mexican land grants were divided by San Francisco lawyer-leaseholders in 1857, the old ranches huddle behind clumps of wind-deformed Monterey cypresses.’
    • ‘The biggest Monterey cypress is also notable for having a 116-foot crown spread, second among conifers after the 130-foot crown of the Torrey pine.’
    • ‘Massey and his crew pruned eucalyptus trees on the southern border to increase the amount of sunlight that enters the site and planted a windrow of Monterey cypress trees to protect the site from prevailing northwesterly winds.’