Definition of Monte Carlo method in US English:

Monte Carlo method


  • A technique in which a large quantity of randomly generated numbers are studied using a probabilistic model to find an approximate solution to a numerical problem that would be difficult to solve by other methods.

    • ‘The validity of the present method was examined by using computer simulations of molecular evolution in which any branch patterns could be created by using the Monte Carlo method with the weight of the transition probability matrix.’
    • ‘New techniques such as the Monte Carlo method provided numerical simulations when analytical solutions were not available.’
    • ‘To some extent, our results may be attributable to the relatively uniform distributions created by our Monte Carlo method.’
    • ‘In a Monte Carlo method, the quantity to be calculated is interpreted in a stochastic model and, subsequently, estimated by random sampling.’


1940s: named after Monte Carlo (see Monte Carlo), a resort famous for its gambling casino.