Definition of monster truck in English:

monster truck


  • An extremely large pickup truck, typically with greatly oversized tires. They are often raced across rough terrain or featured in exhibitions in which they drive over and demolish smaller automobiles.

    • ‘The speedway will also be hosting a visit by the $250,000 racing monster truck, Outback Thunda.’
    • ‘From motorcycles to monster trucks, tickets to events at the track are rarely more than $10.’
    • ‘Many cars, from drag racers to sports cars to monster trucks carry different kinds of spoilers on them.’
    • ‘He's the one driving that big, monster truck you heard pull up, mom.’
    • ‘The evening's thrills included monster truck racing, demolition derby, quad wars and more.’
    • ‘His wheels are so thick and full beneath his dense torso that they conjure up images of monster truck tires on a Jeep.’
    • ‘We used to build little ramps in the parking lot of a closed-down mall and the next morning you'd find all the ramps crushed with monster truck tire marks all over them.’
    • ‘David used to drive a monster truck and has spent some time in motorcycle racing.’
    • ‘Put a monster truck or a Formula One racing car into a parking lot and watch men of all ages flock to it.’
    • ‘The RAF base was split into five areas with over £1 million worth of vehicles on site, including cement mixers, a monster truck, an ambulance and a combine harvester.’
    • ‘The pair arrived in a red monster truck, and the 300 guests didn't even know it was a wedding until after they arrived.’
    • ‘The vintage car and commercial rally saw a bright yellow Robin Reliant sharing field space with monster trucks and cars.’
    • ‘The newly formed venture will allow Chinese citizens to have access to unprecedented Western cultural and sporting venues such as theater and motor sports, specifically monster truck events.’
    pickup truck, utility truck, utility vehicle
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monster truck

/ˈmɑnstər trək/