Definition of Monseigneur in English:



  • A title or form of address used of or to a French-speaking prince, cardinal, archbishop, or bishop.

    • ‘A French aristocrat by birth, Monseigneur has no trace of pity and despises the peasants of France.’
    • ‘Therefore, the King of Navarre, however good and clever the advice he may have, is, in my judgment, ill-advised when he does not recognize Monseigneur the Cardinal of Bourbon as king.’
    • ‘The people are still poor and miserable, and the land ruined, and the elegance Monseigneur lived in has been stamped out completely.’
    • ‘She turned and curtseyed, ‘Yes, Monseigneur?’’
    • ‘I almost nodded and turned, but then I had an idea, ‘But I'm the doctor sent by Monseigneur le Comte Velderez au Voltaire.’’


French, from mon ‘my’ + seigneur ‘lord’.