Definition of monotypic in US English:



  • Having only one type or representative, especially (of a genus) containing only one species.

    • ‘The Podostemaceae consist of about 270 species assigned to about 47 genera, mostly monotypic or oligospecific, reflecting considerable discontinuous variation of morphological characters.’
    • ‘Gao and Fox indicate that they have identified characters that would separate the three species into three monotypic genera but do not discuss them.’
    • ‘All five of the monotypic genera qendemic to Northern Melanesia are confined to the Solomons.’
    • ‘These genera can be considered monotypic, although Ceratodrilus does have two described species which would be considered subspecies if that rank were being used.’
    • ‘Both genera are likely monotypic, though some scholars have argued that Brachycephalus includes two previously synonymized species.’