Definition of monosome in US English:



  • An unpaired (usually X) chromosome in a diploid chromosome complement.

    • ‘Thirty-four monosomes and telosomes, representing 18 of the 26 chromosomes, were used in combination with six mutants that were associated with nine loci.’
    • ‘The J21A minichromosome is transmitted to only 27% of the progeny in a monosome transmission assay, corresponding to half the frequency observed for a normal monosome.’
    • ‘RSLs are lines in which a chromosome pair is replaced by a recombined monosome (monosomic RSL) or disome (disomic RSL).’
    • ‘Fractions from the lower density region of the gradient include ribosomal subunits, 80 S monosomes and mRNP complexes.’
    • ‘This shoulder peak disappears if extracts are centrifuged under conditions that dissociate monosomes and polysomes into free 40S and 60S subunits.’